people_business2-300x199As a business owner, you have a responsibility not only to yourself, but also your employees. Finding the most comprehensive business insurance policy can be a challenging and difficult process.

There are many questions that need to be answered when applying for business insurance. Do you need to carry worker’s compensation? Do you need property as well as liability insurance? How much coverage do you need? We offer advice and customize a policy to meet your specific needs.

Operating a business is a demanding job, and having to worry whether or not you will be protected should a claim occur makes it harder. Our Marietta insurance agents understand the challenges of properly insuring a business, its owner and employees. Contact us at Wickham Financial & Insurance Services to explore your options for coverage.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is something every business owner should carry. It covers the legal ramifications resulting from damage or injuries caused by your company’s work. It’s an encompassing form of insurance furnishing you with legal protection. We will tailor your business insurance policy for your specific risks and needs.

Worker’s Compensation

If one of your employees is injured on the job, worker’s compensation will ensure his or her medical bills and lost wages are covered throughout recovery. An employer provides this form of insurance to his workers with the understanding that they relinquish their rights to sue him following an accident. It’s a win-win for both parties. There is a death benefit paid to loved ones and beneficiaries should your employee be fatally injured on the job.

Tools and Equipment

Many business owners have thousands, if not millions, of dollars invested into the tools, supplies and equipment it takes to operate their business. If you own equipment without which you could not perform your job, or if you have substantial money invested in your tools and supplies, our agents at Wickham Financial & Insurance Services can help you properly insure them against damage or loss.

Errors and Omissions

Also known as professional indemnity insurance, errors and omissions coverage is a form of liability insurance that is particularly important for professionals who render advice or services. For Example, doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, etc. It is a supplementary form of insurance which furnishes legal councel defers the financial burden if a client cites negligence or brings a civil suit. Errors and omissions insurance protects you in situations that your general liability coverage would not. If you have questions about which situations would warrant the need for this type of coverage, please feel free to give our agents at Wickham Financial & Insurance Services a call.

Professional Liability

Professional liability is a broad term that will differ in scope and title depending on your profession. The reason all business owners and professionals should carry it, however, is because it provides additional protection against what general liability does not. If you’re a physician, for example, you’ll carry medical malpractice insurance. If you’re an attorney or a broker, you may carry errors and omissions coverage. Contractors, financial advisors, transportation companies and other business owners that could be held liable for damages, injury or negligence typically carry some form of customized, professional liability insurance.

Navigating business insurance and determining what types of coverage you need to be fully protected is complicated, but at Wickham Financial & Insurance Services, our experienced insurance agents make it as smooth and simple as possible. Contact us today to learn whether or not you are adequately covered and to explore your options for additional business insurance.

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