Do you hear wedding bells?

Do you here Wedding Bells ringing this month? June is the most popular month of the year to get married. Congratulations if the wedding bells are ringing for you! Once the honeymoon is over you will have a long list of adjustments to make to your life. I want to remind you to not forget your insurance.

Getting married can have a positive effect on your insurance rates. Most auto insurance carriers offer a discount to married drivers. Even men under 25, who generally get stuck with the highest auto insurance premiums, receive a discount for being married.

Though marriage is generally a slam dunk for reducing auto-insurance premiums, this doesn’t mean that all newlyweds should always combine their auto insurance. If both partners have good driving records, then combining insurance may help you save even more. Adding a spouse as a second driver and/or adding your spouse’s vehicle can pave the way to even greater discounts, such as multi car or even multi policy discounts. On the other hand, if one partner has a less-than-perfect driving record or if one of you receives a ticket or has an accident in the future, the entire policy could be negatively affected.

Access to cheaper auto insurance is hardly a reason for matrimony, but there are clear benefits when it comes to auto insurance rates.