Retirement is unique for everyone

A large majority of people are optimistic about their future regarding retirement, with 93% looking forward to retirement. Most people say they are looking forward to traveling, spending time with family/friends and pursuing hobbies.

While hopes are high, many people still have concerns:
• 85% are concerned about paying expenses in retirement
• 52% are concerned about managing retirement income to meet expenses, with the majority of those between ages 35 to 44.
• 49% are concerned about outliving their assets or making major sacrifices to their retirement strategies.
• Current retirees are significantly more concerned about health/medical issues (45%) than running out of assets (14%)

Retirement is unique for everyone, but if you start early and have a great plan your retirement can be what it was intended to look like with traveling, spending time with family/friends and starting new hobbies.

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