5 Ways to boost your retirement savings

We can probably assume you will want to retire at some point in your life right?  Most people have similar goals to be debt-free and are able to life after they retire.  It takes a lot of work to save enough money for retirement, but don’t let your fears or lack of knowledge stop you from taking action.

Take a look at these tips to maximize your savings for retirement.

Take advantage of savings plans

If you have an employer that offers a 401k plan take advantage of the pre tax contributions.  Also, if your employer offers matching contributions, even better.

Stash extra funds

If you get a raise, bonus or tax refund, put it away into your retirement accounts.  If you get a salary increase add more to your retirement accounts as well.

Cut back

It may be hard, but try to find some expenses to cut back on which can make a big difference down the road.  Take a look at your spending habits and see where there might be areas to save.  For example don’t get that pricey cup of coffee every day.

Automate your savings

Just so you don’t get tempted have part of your paycheck and direct deposit into a retirement account or savings account.  By making this automated you don’t have to think about adding to your savings or retirement out of sight out of mind.

Delay taking social security

Once you reach retirement age, it can be a good idea to wait to take your social security income.  For every year you delay these payments (up until age 70), you will increase how much you get each month.

Setting a goal is the first step, but implementing a strategy to save can make all the difference down the road and increase your savings for the long run.

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