What is personal liability insurance and do I have it?

Personal liability insurance protects your assets if you injure another person or damage someone else’s property. It’s also known as third-party insurance because it protects you if a third party files a claim against you. Personal liability insurance can be purchased as part of a package policy (such as a homeowners or automobile insurance policy) or as a separate policy (such as a personal umbrella liability policy).

Today, lawsuits are everywhere. What if your dog bites a neighbor? What would happen if someone slips and falls on your front walk? While you may not be able to avoid all accidents, you can transfer some of the financial risk of the resulting loss to an insurance company by buying personal liability insurance.

How much liability coverage do you need? Probably more than you think you do. Because there’s no optimum amount that applies to everyone, how much personal liability coverage you need depends partly on your tolerance for risk. Can you afford to pay the cost of a claim out of pocket or would even a small claim threaten your finances? If you already have liability coverage, take a look at your current policy. Determine whether your liability limits are high enough, or if there are any coverage gaps you’d like to fill.

If you own a homeowners or automobile insurance policy or another type of property insurance (e.g., mobile home insurance or renters insurance), you have basic personal liability coverage. These policies will protect you against many liability claims. Your insurance company will defend or settle claims and lawsuits brought against you and pay the sum owed for covered damages (bodily injury or property damage), up to the liability limits of the policy. If you want greater liability coverage limits or if you want broader coverage that includes more types of claims, consider buying a personal umbrella liability policy.

No personal liability insurance policy will protect you against every loss you might face. Generally, personal liability policies don’t cover claims stemming from your business or profession, claims resulting from an act intended to cause injury or damage, and damage to property owned by you.


Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. Copyright 2012