Relationship Building Process

handshake_bluesky-300x225Our process to building a strong relationship with you:

  • Consultation – Initial meeting to discuss your questions, concerns, goals and objectives. We will gather information on accounts and policies in question.
  • Evaluation – We review all of the information disclosed during discussions in the consultation meeting and the statements and policies supplied. We may contact you for further clarification on any outstanding items. (Underwriting Phase)
  • Recommendations – This could be during the 1st meeting but generally be the second meeting to state recommendations and findings to answer and accomplish your questions, concerns, goals and objectives.
  • Implementation – Process of opening the accounts and policies, including the movement of assets if/as appropriate, to implement the approved recommendations.
  • Referrals – Point where we would like to be introduced to your friends, family, co-workers and clients who would also appreciate this high level of comprehensive service and relationship.
  • Monitor and Maintain – This is where we “Inspect What We Expect”. We set an ongoing review of your accounts and policies to ensure they are still accomplishing your goals and objectives. During this time, we will determine if there are any changes with your situation that would prompt us to review in more detail the accounts and policies that we have in place.